The fifth largest state of India, Andhra Pradesh is irrigated by the mighty Krishna and the Godavari rivers and is aptly termed the Rice Granary of India. Telugu is the main language of communication though Muslim rule paved the way for Urdu also.

Andhra Pradesh is the home of a rich cultural heritage, that led to the birth of varied handicrafts. The craftsmen of Andhra have contributed greatly - Kalamkari vegetable dyed textiles, lacquer paintings from Nirmal, wood craft, Pochamapalli silks, Hyderabad pearls and an extremely attractive and glittering array of glass bangles. Kuchipudi, the classical dance form originating from the state has a vigorous choreography and is somewhat akin to Bharatanatyam. Andhra Pradesh is also the home of the colourful Lambadis and Banjaras - Nomadic tribes, who can be spotted selling brightly coloured skirts and ethnic silver jewellery.

Andhra Pradesh also offers a rich palate to the gourmet. Hyderabadi Muslims, fastidious in their culinary art specialise in authentic recipes, that have survived through the centuries. Their biryanis, kababs and chicken delicacies are mouth-watering.