Welcome to our music section. I am glad you are back to our music pages. I am changing our music section completely. With the largest ever collection of telugu songs (in real format) - about 5,000 songs from over 1,300 telugu movies, it is getting harder for me to find a good web host. Our earlier web host abruptly closed our website and cancelled account (with in 5 months of hosting, though I paid one full year hosting fees).

Large volume of songs ( Over 4 GB ) and heavy traffic are causing serious problems on the server. Our site is not a business portal and does not have any revenue on its own. From now onwards, I plan to have very limited number of songs at any point of time. One movie will be updated every week. If you want to send requests for songs, please request here.

Lastly, this site is purely a personal website and music pages are meant to assist you in buying good music. If anyone has any concerns over music pages; please let me know and I will remove those pages. Thanks once again.

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